Monday, June 16, 2008

The Best Father There Is!!!

Cadence holding a rare dandelion for Chris to smell!

When we go on a walk as a family, Chris usually ends up carrying Cadence on one of his shoulders at some point. She likes to play with his hair!!!

You guessed it! Chris Johnnie is the best father there is!!! When Chris gets home from work, Cadence wants to be around DAD. She is a Daddy's girl! She loves to play with, wrestle, sit on his lap and just be with DAD. Chris loves Cadence tremendously. He is so patient. He teaches her so many good things and has wonderful ideas on what we should do to raise her to continuing to be an amazing person.

Chris and Cadence swimming at Snowbird. I choose to sit this one out due to my extra large belly!!!!

Cadence loves school buses!!! When visiting the aquarium, Chris held Cadence up to the windows so she could see inside the bus. She was so excited!!!

Chris is an excellent husband!!! I couldn't have been luckier than to be married to Chris Johnnie. I am VERY blessed. He puts up with a lot of complaining and whining from me. I wish all my single friends could find someone as incredible as Chris to marry. Chris is THE MAN!!! I love you! Happy Father's Day!!!

Our family in the kiddie pool!

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Jake & Jenny said...

Disco! I didn't realize you had a blog! How fun! I am going to put a link on mine:) Your little girl is beautiful!