Monday, June 30, 2008

My Yearly Haircut


I got my yearly haircut as close to my due date as I dared (and when my friend. Jen McQueen, could cut it). I want to look good when I am in labor:) Isn't that what is most important? I will be painting my toenails soon too - which I NEVER do. I get my hair cut and highlighted every summer and hope that I can make it look decent for a whole year. Jen does a great job making me look good. I'm sad though because this will probably be the last cut she does on my hair since she is getting married and has moved to Salt Lake. (Yeah for Jen!!!) She is working at a salon by Jungle Jim's Playland around 7800 S. and Fort Union if any of you want her to work magic on your hair!
Both of these pictures are a little scary as they are TOO CLOSE to my face. However, I took them myself and my arms aren't 3 feet long.

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Kim said...

Love the haircut.