Monday, June 9, 2008

Hair Balls and Clogged Drains!!!

Finishing the basement did not go as smoothly and quickly as we had hoped. There were a few surprises left for us upstairs to urgently take care of - CLOGGED DRAINS!!! The kitchen drain was draining so SLOWLY and one of the bathroom sinks too. The bathtubs both had hair in the drains that was visible to my eyes. So I took the initiative to clean out the hair balls and Chris got to clean out the pipes and kitchen sink problem. Unfortunately, our good friend - Liquid Plumber - didn't do the job. Sadly, whatever we did made black sludge come up one of the drains in the basement and get all over. It was NASTY!!! The problem still hasn't been solved, but we continue to work on getting the kitchen sink drain working without it flooding the basement.

Look at the hair ball pictures with caution. Pictures may be graphic:)

The hair balls have probably been forming for years! But now the tubs are free of hair balls that one can see:)

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Kimberleigh said...

Oh my gosh, that is seriously high level GROSS! BAHAHAHAAH!! It is too hilarious you blogged that. You make me giggle, woman! i love ya!