Monday, June 9, 2008


Our neighbors, the Bailey family, moved last week. However, they weren't able to move their swingset yet. Then asked us if we would mind "swingsitting" their swingset for at least 2 months (until the house they were buying closed). Thinking of Cadence, we hesitated (yeah, right), and finally accepted. Thanks for thinking of us, Baileys. We wont have to go to the park every single day! Cadence loves to swing "high in the sky" and likes to go "crazy," which means that the swing goes crooked. Hopefully, we will get to "watch" it for the summer. We just might have to purchase a swingset next summer.

Chris thought the "moving van" of the Bailey's was so funny. He grabbed the camera and told me to put it on the blog. Robin fit the washer and dryer on the inside of their minivan and a matress on top. I hope the van made it to storage shed without problem!!!

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