Saturday, July 5, 2008

Failed Attempts to Self-Induce Labor

On July 3, we decided to try everything in our power to self-induce labor so the baby would arrive sometime on the 4th.

Before we start our inducing efforts, Chris and Bretton Hadfield gave me a blessing. I was a little nervous about labor and delivery and knew a priesthood blessing would assist me through this whole process. I'm grateful that Chris honors his priesthood!!!

Then we started up Providence Canyon in the truck. It is a bumpy dirt road up the mountain. At the point where trucks turn around was a waterfall. Cadence thought it was really, really cool. She almost fell asleep on the way, but enjoyed the bumps and cows that eating the weeds on the way down. It was a little bit uncomfortable for me, but I kept thinking "This will help the baby get here sooner."

Next, we walked briskly up to USU to watch fireworks. The top of the building we watch from is over a mile away, but there are steep hills to climb. With my lung capacity being almost nothing, I get winded very easily. I walked without stopping with the end goal (the baby getting here) in mind. Cadence couldn't decide if she liked the fireworks. It was a little windy and she could hear some of the 'booms.' She cuddled in our lap and survived the show. Afterwards, we walked home at a much slower pace because Cadence loves to walk right along the side of us instead of riding in the stroller.

I went to bed very tired. The next morning I woke up and was NOT in labor. We walked to the boy scout breakfast and back, but still no sign of contractions.
Disappointed, I went to my neighbors' house (The Coltrins) and jumped on their tramp for at least a half hour. It wasn't even uncomfortable for me. I thought it would hurt, but there was NO discomfort at all. Myself and the Coltrin kids were surprised that Cooper just didn't drop out!
At that point, I decided if the baby was going to come on the 4th, that it would have to happen with what I had already done. It was Cadence's birthday and the focus should be on celebrating her. Though I played with Cadence and bent over and went on more walks throughout the day, my wish for 2 forth of July babies was not to be!!! I'm ok with that. I am excited for Cooper to get here, but it will be in his time. I hope this is not a precursor of his personality!!!


Kim said...

With everything you did I don't know how that baby couldn't come out. Good luck...I hope he comes soon!

zeebee said...

hA! this is going to be me in November! it is so fun to catch up with all that you have been up to! isn't blogging awesome?
Cadance is the most adorable thing ever! I love seeing the pictures of our beloved Logan too.