Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Porches Make Friendlier, Safer Neighborhoods

One of the things I loved about this house when we bought it was the front porch. It goes the entire width of the house. Now that we live upstairs, we use the front porch everyday. It just is another "room" in the house. One of my favorite things about the porch is that when we sit out there in the evening, we get to see and chat with half the neighborhood as they are driving by, walking, riding bikes, etc. A truth that needs to be promoted is that front porches make friendlier, safer neighborhoods. Maybe legislation should be passed stating that every house (when possible) should have a front porch with some type of swing or sitting area. We eat multiple popsicles, swing, take naps, hang out, relax, read, visit and make friends. I also yell at people speeding down our road to SLOW DOWN!!! Imagine if everyone had a front porch and used it often, I'm sure that crime would decrease! The other night, while sitting on the porch swing, we ate played with the Cabaniss family after dinner, ate pudding with the Gutkes, visited with Callie and Kevin, and said "hi" to probably 8 more people as they strode by. Does it get any better than that?
A couple of weeks ago, we were looking to buy a new dishwasher since the one upstairs was broken when me moved in. Then we went to our friend, Thomas Fredrickson's, ordination and sat on a porch swing. While eating treats, his mom, Cynthia, told of how inexpensive the swing was at Lowe's. We decided that instead of buying a dishwasher, we would purchase the lovely, sturdy swing and keep doing dishes by hand!!! It saved us a lot of money to buy the swing. Later on, we will buy a dishwasher. I don't regret the swap at all. I love the porch swing and am excited to have one for the rest of my days at this house and hopefully any other house we ever build/buy. Now, I feel it my duty to urge all of you to get a porch swing and to make your neighborhoods friendlier by sitting outside and "chewing the cud" with everyone who passes!

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