Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shocking the Receptionist!!!

Cooper has been to the doctor twice since he left the hospital - both for necessary procedures - in my mind. First, he had to get his bilirubin tested again as a precaution for jaundice. No jaundice! The nurse poked his heel and squooze out blood. The other was to get a little procedure called circumcision.
The reason I am adding this entry is to tell about Chris' sense of humor. When he called to schedule the circumcision, he told me to "Listen to this," with a big smile on his face. When the receptionist answered the phone, Chris replied in a deep, serious voice, "Hi. I would like to schedule a CASTRATION for my new son." The smile on his face got bigger by the millisecond of silence on the other end of the phone. A second or two later (I'm sure it seemed like an eternity), Chris laughed, "I'm just joking! I need to schedule a circumcision." The reception breathed a sigh of relief as she told him that she thought he was joking, but just couldn't tell and didn't know quite how to respond. Chris felt such joy that he had shocked the reception. He figures that everyone needs to laugh, right!

Anyhow, the procedure went well. I watched! Chris and Dr. McKenna thought it would be good for me to see. While I was waiting, I could hear this screaming newborn and I felt like a horrible mother. It wasn't until I was in the room with Cooper and the doctor that I knew it was NOT Cooper doing the screaming. He was sound asleep and numb. So far, the circumcision has gone well. One morning, it bled a little (which wasn't supposed to happen), but we just applied more Vaseline as the doctor recommended to keep it from sticking to the diaper. Oh the joys of having a baby boy!!!
His belly button fell off too yesterday. I'm glad to see that gone!

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Jacqui said...

Chris is awesome! I miss hanging out with all the old 26th warders. I'm very happy to see you doing so well. You look great! I don't think I left my house for a month after I had Braxton...other than ALL the doctor visits we had. I know when I did get out...I felt much better.