Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bathtime Opposites!

When you come on a tour of our house, Cadence will show you the bathroom upstairs and say, "This is my bathtub." She loves the tub!!! I cannot write in words how much she loves to take a bath in these big tubs. When Grammy was here after Cooper was born, she would watch Cadence in the tub. I think if you were walking by outside, you could hear the squeals of delight and joy from bathtime play since there is a window (usually open) right over the bathtub. Cadence looks forward to having bathtime everyday - even though that doesn't happen. She loves her bath toys - especially the snake. Some days when I ask her what she wants to do during the day, she replies, "Take a bath." Lately, she has started laying down on her back in the tub - which is what big girls do. Cooper had his first bath at home on Sunday. I think you can see how much he enjoyed taking a bath. Not to mention, that he peed in the water. He started screaming the minute I took his diaper off and stopped the second I put a towel around him. It was not an enjoyable experience - as you can tell by Cadence's expresssion. He fell asleep very quickly after that. I guess screaming for a couple of minutes wears a baby out!!! Let's hope that he starts to like bathtime more in the future!!!


Kim said...

Oh I need to hold him. He's so cute. Let's see, when can I make the drive to Logan!

Lisa Page said...

Such a cute family!