Saturday, July 12, 2008

Impromptu Birthday Parties

Since Cadence's birthday was on the date we were hoping Cooper would come, we didn't plan a party for here. Now that Cooper is here and many friends and family are coming to visit, we make every visit an impromptu birthday party for Cadence. Many people have come with a little gift for Cadence in addition to one for Cooper, not that she needs anything else. You are all very considerate people.

Cadence's big family party happened on Friday. My sister, Sandy, and her 4 girls and my sister-in-law, Tammie, and her son and daughter came to see Cooper. I told them we would make it a birthday party for Cadence. The night before, I let Cadence make her own birthday cake. She loves to cook.
She also got to decorate it with sprinkles and put in her own candles.
Cadence blew out both candles on her first try. She was very proud of her creation and it tasted very good. (Funfetti with cream cheese frosting).
Cadence got some Hello Kitty fashion supplies from Tammie, Cole and Sydney, 3 bible story books for church from the Lawrence family, and a beautiful dress, pull-ups, and some colored soap from Grammy. This was the best impromptu birthday party I could have pulled together.

On Sunday, she got a very nice table with chairs from the Fredrickson family. On the top of the table, she can color with dry erase markers or crayons. She LOVES it!!! (And I do too. No more coloring on the sheets, her clothes and walls - I hope!)

Cadence has had many improptu parties and many gifts. She loves getting "Happy Birthday" sung to her. Thanks to all of you for assisting in making Cadence's birthday great and helping her feel important in this major change in her life!!! Hopefully after Chris gets back from Alaska, we will have a neighborhood/friend get together for her.


Camille said...

I miss Cadence! I can't believe how grown up she looks to me now. Only a few weeks ago she was still a cute baby, now she's a big girl! Call me soon to come and get her for a bus ride, then you and mini cooper can nap! Oh, and any time you need a Cooper Holder, I am class A certified!

Tara Bergsjo said...

I am so glad that Cadence has loved being a big sister so far. I am glad she has had a fun birthday! Both of your kids are so beautiful! I also am willing to come and hold the baby any time. Cadence is also welcome to come play at our house with Ryan any time!

Jacqui said...

Yeah! I'm so excited for you guys...Chris had sent an e-mail telling me Cooper was here. Let me know when you feel up for a visit and me and Braxton will come see you. Thanks for all the fun pictures.

Tina said...

This is so cute! I love that she made her own cake... what a big girl. Looks like she had some fun impromptu birthday parties too!
We're excited to see you guys next week. Bridget prayed for Cadence tonight... it was so cute.... "And bless Candace she can be okay with her mom and her baby" - I think she's sick of me telling her that no we can't call every day (or multiple times a day) to see if she can play! lol!

Happy Birthday Cadence!

Ker-Dog and the gang said...

Cadence is just Beautiful! What a big girl. I bet she is an awesome big sister. I remember coming home from the hospital with a newborn and feeling shocked at how big my other kids seemed all of the sudden.

Aaron and crystal said...

I love the table! I may have to inprovise something silular for my kids... We miss you and can't wait to come home and play.