Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cadence Turns TWO!!!

When Cadence woke up, we sang her "Happy Birthday" and she had a big smile on her face. She received 3 "happy birthday cards" the day before the primary, Nana and Pap, and Grandma and Grandpa, and carried them around. Cadence knew this would be a big day for her.
Our family tradition is to support the Boy Scouts by attending a fundraiser breakfast every Fourth of July. (Chris even went while I was in labor when Cadence was being born!) We walked over to the church and back. Cadence usually will stay in the stroller for a few minutes, but after that she wants to walk (and pick up rocks, sticks, play games, jump, etc.) Our walks usually take quite a while!
When we got back, Cadence and I jumped on our neighbors' trampoline. She loves to jump and I was still hoping to induce labor. We were at the Coltrin's for about an hour, only jumping part of the time. They came to our house for popsicles and to watch Cadence open some presents. Cadence loves Chelsea, Charles and Kyah, and their mom, Crystal.

Cadence got many unique presents. I am a creative mom!!! Some presents were ones that she had already received wrapped up again. Some were toys she had forgotten about. She helped me buy most of them. Cadence got 2 used puzzles with shapes, colors, number and the alphabet. A snake that grows big when it is soaked in the bathtub. She named it "Chelsea." A pop-up book that has songs, a princess crown, a purse, snake fireworks, sidewalk chalk, a small swimming/wading pool and a floatation device for a big pool.

Cadence is still nervous around water. We got her this little pool to assist her in gaining confidence in being able be in water without clinging to an adult and so she can splash. She thought it was fun to fill it up with water, but thought it was too cold to play in. She LOVED the sidewalk chalk!!!

Cadence says "nakes" are scary. She calls the night crawlers/worm in the garden snakes. Yet, when we went to the dollar store to buy some wrapping paper and presents, she wanted this toy snake. She loves to play with and bathe with it. I also bought the fireworks snakes that grow when they are lit. She really enjoyed watching the snakes grow!
We played with her toys for most of the day, drawing on the sidewalk, touching the cold water with her hands, etc. My cousin, Michael Green, happened to stop by and we talked for a while. In the evening, after Chris picked up flags around the neighborhood for the Boy Scouts, we went on another walk along the canal. It took quite a while because Cadence wanted to walk, pick up rocks, throw them in the canal, etc. We were going to bake a Marie Calendar's pie and stick 2 candles in it, but it was so late when we got back that we decided to do it another day. Cadence ended the day taking a bath which she loves!!!
Cadence is such a cute, little 2-yr-old. She is so talkative and funny. She gives love away very well and often. I really couldn't ask for a better daughter. I'm grateful that she chose to come to our family. If this is what the "terrible two's" are like, then I will be able to handle them. While she definitely has some areas she could improve, she is such a good girl. She is my princess!!!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday Cadence! What a cutie.

Aaron and crystal said...

I love the tiara. It is a prefect fit for a prefect little princess