Thursday, July 3, 2008

Can Life Get Any Better Than This?

Since my blog is my journal, I wanted to write about how good my life is right now. I am so blessed. I've been through some hard times growing up, but the past 5 years seem like mostly bliss. For a couple months before I met Chris, I thought life was great! I was running marathons, enjoying my job teaching my special needs students, and just happy. When I met Chris and starting to think that I perhaps could like him and may even want to spend eternity with him, life just got better. He kept telling me "Life will just get better and better." After we got married, I was thrilled with life (even though I was a bit stressed with school, work, church callings and the house). He was right. Life just got better. When Cadence came to our family, I never believed that anything could be better than that time. Every month, I ask myself, "Can life get any better than this?" I have an amazing husband, the most perfect, beautiful child sent straight from God to me, the perfect job at this time in my life, great extended family, friends, spirituality and some good investment. Is it possible for anything to improve because so much is just perfect? Every month Cadence just gets cuter and more fun. So I am asking this question to myself one more time before a major change takes place in my life, "Can life get any better than this?" My guess is probably yes. Life will get better with two precious spirits being in Chris' and my stewardship. I am so excited to meet my new son and to hold him and to know he just came from God!!! It better happen tomorrow because I am getting very anxious!!!


Jennie said...

what a great post! thanks for reminding me to be grateful for what i have!

can't wait to see your son!

Debbie said...

ditto, what a sweet post! you are an amazing woman! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful and congrats on expecting baby number 2! Hooray!!!