Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun in the Hospital

We tried to make the hospital fun for Cadence. This is a big change for her and wanted the "big sister" to get special treatment too. Cadence seemed to enjoyed her time at hospital.

Cadence really wanted to climb in Cooper's little crib bed. She got to eat crackers and some of my pie and treats that came with my meals.

Grammy let Cadence pick some flowers to bring to Mom and Cooper. She told about the flowers to everyone she talked to on the phone. She must have been proud of her beautiful selection.

The boppy was quite interesting to Cadence. She wanted to try it out!!! She said she was making her monster face.

Cadence was doing a beautiful dance with Cooper's blanket. She twirled with it! She also liked looking out the big windows at the "poopy" mountains.

Of course, Cadence's favorite activity was opening her big present, her new little man, Cooper. The first time she looked at him, she was filled with wonder and awe!!!

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