Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Bonk and Resulting Goose Egg!

Cadence didn't want to take a nap. She climb over me and was attempting to get off the bed. Since I was feeling sick, I had the garbage can next to the bed. For some reason, she chose to step in it instead of next to it. When she put her weight in it, it shifted and she fell into the wall or bedpost. (I don't know which because I was hoping she would come back to the bed if I stayed.) Well, she got a huge bonk and a small goose egg on her forehead!
It is her first goose egg. The good news is that as I was holding and comforting her, she fell asleep. The bump turned to a bruise a day later.

If you look closely on both pictures, you can see the bump on her right side of the forehead (our left side). An OREO cookie makes everything better!!!

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Tina said...

Oreo's do have a way of making things better. :) It was good to see you yesterday, we had tons of fun. Cooper is a cutie too! See you again soon.