Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Glorious Day in Nursery!!!

Today is a milestone for Cadence. She stayed in nursery at church for an hour ALL BY HERSELF without crying. It has been 6 months of going to nursery with her. She is such a big girl. I pray that this continues because I was starting to worry what I was going to do when the baby got here! Way to go Cadence!!!


Aaron and crystal said...

YEAH that is wonderful... I know your were worried about that . I hope the baby comes today.

Troy and Jen said...

Hey! Cute pictures! You asked how I do the pictures on my blog, well I do it in Microsoft Power point. My sister had to walk me through it the first time, but it's easy once you know... I can email you how to do it if you send me your email??? I can't explain it quickly. Maybe you understand power point more than I do :)