Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Two Year Check-up For Cadence

Cadence had her two year doctor's check-up today. We prepared for it by watching the podcast on Sesameworkshop.com. Coincidentally, the "What's the Scoop?" was doctor's check-up. The Sesame Street characters talked about what to expect at a doctor's check-up. Cadence knew the doctor would check her "heartbeep," eyes, ears, mouth and tummy. We love that website.
At the doctor's office, Cadence loved playing with the Thomas Train toys. The Thomas seat was so cool that she didn't want anyone else to sit on it:( She did like pushing he little toy trains around the track. Cadence was very brave. Dr. McKenna came in speaking in his Donald Duck voice and it kind of made Cadence nervous. She didn't quite know what to think. She let the doctor check everything he needed to check. He was very impressed with intellectual and speech development, and said that she is a year or more beyond what he would expect a 2-yr-old to know (colors, numbers, alphabet, concepts, etc.) She told him about the lionfish in this fake fishtank thing and how she liked stingrays at the aquarium. When she was given the shot, she cried a little until the nurse gave her a sucker. Then she was happy. She also liked the red bandaid that was put on her owie!

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