Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Delivering the Baby As You Read!!!

The great things about inductions are that I can go to the hospital looking good, being prepared and happy! Yes, that belly holds a baby that will be coming out soon. I finally will get to hold my little boy!Chris and I are at the hospital delivering the baby!!! The doctor has broken my water and the potossin is being turned up. We will get pictures of our cute little Cooper as soon as we can!!! Our little boy will be here soon!!!


Charlotte said...

I had no idea they even had a computer/internet option at the hospital. Wow. Things have really changed, haven't they?

katie gardner said...

well, you have probably had Cooper by now. I am amazed that you are intact (not really the word) enough to blog- you go girl!

Tina said...

Well, I am sure am glad I called you randomly this morning. Not only did I get to find out that you were in labor, but I got to find out that you had a blog. I've spent the last hour and a half reading through may of your posts from the last 2 months... I'm glad you started one!

I laughed pretty hard at your attempts to induce labor. I remember driving on the gravel roads with Bridget too. So funny! I never tried caster oil though - but I did eat a half gallon of icecream in one sitting! (It didn't work).

I also have some sympathy for the post about "bathing books" - Bridget washed some of her board books in the sink awhile back... they never recovered.

Its pretty exciting that you are upstairs now too! From the pictures you posted it looks pretty nice.

Above all though, I'm pretty sad to realize that its probably been the better part of two months since we've gotten together and played. Sorry I'm a loser friend. When things settle with your new little dude we should try again!


Camille said...

Aack!!! Yea for you! Where is Cadence? I'd love to take her anytime you need me and I can't wait to see your cute baby! Love ya!

Camille said...

So Kaylee just saw your belly pic on this post and she said, "That looks like a big giant lemon is in her tummy!" Cute pic!! I think you are the cutest mommy-two in the world!!! I love your family.