Tuesday, July 22, 2008

College Friend Reunion

I'm a week behind on my posts. Anyway, last Wednesday I ventured out of the house by myself with the two kids. Some of my roommates/friends from USU were having a reunion at Porcupine Dam and Cinnamon Creek campground. Because I had just giving birth, I decided camping for 3 days was not for me. I met them at the resevoir for a couple of hours and ate dinner.

Cadence wore her cute flowered swimsuit.

She still is afraid of the water. I put her in a raft and she was ok for a couple of minutes, but then got scared.
She really liked the canoe when it was out of the water - but not when it was in the water.
She talked about the "boat" for a couple of days.
She wanted to "swim" which consisted of me holding her over the water while she put her feet and toes in. She didn't want her feet to touch the beach because it was "dirty."
Gratefully, my friends wanted to hold Cooper so I could spend time with Cadence.
Some of the Grayson Apt gang!!! Rachel, Dave and Anna. Kim and baby. Erin and daughter, Rachel. Shanna. Paul, wife and Aspen. Amy. Me, Cooper and Cadence.

Some of the adults gave the kids a ride in handcarts around the campsite. She thought that was extremely cool and fun.

It was great to see those who were able to make it. I wish more people could have made it and that I could have stayed longer!!!


Kim said...

Cadence's smile is contagious. I love it!

Kylee said...

How fun and what a good idea to do for a friend reunion! That's hilarious that Cadence just wants you to hold her above the water so she can dip her feet in!

Melissa Ash said...

DISCO!!!! Yahoo! I am so glad that I found your blog! There is now an Oakcrest 2000 blog, and I would love it if you posted a little bit on it! :) I think you have the most beautiful family, and you look FABULOUS for just having a baby! Wow! The Oakcrest blog is http://oakcrest2000.blogspot.com/
Put a comment with your email on it, and I promise to add you as a contributor quickly and then will erase your email address!
LOve ya tons!

Tara Bergsjo said...

Sounds like you had fun. I love how you always find fun things to do!

Jacqui said...

I love how up-to-date you stay with your blog...I should be better. It's a lot of fun checking in on you guys since we don't see you very often.

Landon, Mindy said...

Disco...Look at you and your darling family. I cant believe it. I am so glad that you found me. We adopted our three children two years ago. We are all doing very well and very happy!! They were worth the wait! I am thrilled to keep in touch with you. Love Zazu

DB said...

Are you kidding me?!? Look at you after two weeks. I can't believe you felt up to going but, I can because you are a total go-getter. You are so awesome and your husband and kids will always be so blessed by your amazing outlook on life. I love how you lean into it. Way to go. You are amazing! good luck with all that newborns bring. I love the name you chose!- Hiccup