Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crafty Little Halloween People

I'm really not much of a homemaker/crafty person. Like I said in my post a few days ago, I am NO DOMESTIC GODDESS. I have to try really hard to do these type of things and I need a to see a model. It just doesn't come naturally to me. Having said that, I wish I was better at it. I see magazine and websites with crafts and cutely decorated houses and wish that I could be more like that. I keep thinking that if I practice, then I will improve. I don't know if that is true or not, but that is my hope.

I know it is important for kids (my kids especially) to be exposed to many different type of activities early on in life. I want them to be creative and to love to invent and try new things. So Cadence and I have been attempting to do some activities that require creativity lately. They are relatively easy since I want Cadence to be able to do them with minimal assistance.

These are some crafty activities we have completed lately. She got the ghost and pumpkin hanging from the light at her school. We made spiders and pumpkins from an egg carton and pipe cleaner. We got this idea from Family Fun Magazine. I love the arts and crafts and spooky food ideas from this website.

Cadence's spiders were so cute. I let her cut her own legs, glue on the eyes and do almost everything. The eyes are lopsided. Her spider has 5 legs with one being very long. (She made another spider equally as cute, but gave it, with a thank you note she wrote, to our neighbors Calli and Kevin because they gave her some Hallowen barettes, paper and a pen.) Sometimes I am tempted to help her do her projects "right," but that is what makes them cute. They look like a two-yr-old made them. I also want to encourage her creativity and independence- not stiffle it.

Cadence made this skeleton with Dad at Lowe's childrens workshop last week. She took it to church because she likes it so much. Its little arms and legs move.

We will attempt to do more fun activities to fill our days and create masterpieces, memories and fun!


Tina said...

Cute!! You do so many fun and creative things. The egg carton pumpkins and spiders are fun - what a great idea. I love it!

Aaron and crystal said...

I love the pumpkin and spider idea I think I will do that with my kids... Thanks for the fun post :o)

zeebee said...

Michelle! I love this post and the one about about the cookies, you are such a great mom, I think you are right on, kids need these kind of experiences. I used to have the biggest urge to help my kids with projects too, and then I just realized it looks so much better the way they do it. The cookie thing is so funny, you are awesome to be so confident! Sugar cookies always scared me so I have no good recipe. I think it is great you can just laugh at those things though, because in the end Cadence was happy and your end result was just as nice as any Halloween cookie. I love the pic of you holding cooper in the snugli while you work! You are awesome.