Friday, October 3, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa Came To Town

Chris' dad and stepmom, Melvin and Barbara, came to town last week. (That's why I took a break from posting. My schedule was much different than normal.) They wanted to meet Cooper and see Cadence as a 2-yr old. We love it when we get family to come visit us (and we love when we get to visit family at their homes too.) Chris and I had thought about doing something fun like going to Yellowstone or down south to some national parks, but we just ended up staying around here. We got A LOT done and had some fun too. The next couple of entries will be about their visit!

The first day they arrived, Cadence had to play her new favorite game with her grandma. It is Sesame Street Alphabet "Bingos. " She is very good at saying both the name of most the letters and the object the letter starts with.We definitely had to walk to Cadence's favorite park and swing "high in the sky." Grandma pushed Cadence.
Grandpa swung with Mr. Cooper. Chris also learned more about his family history and downloaded some genealogy program onto our computer. Barbara is really into family history and is very knowledgable about it. Chris learned things about his relatives on both his dad and mom's side of the family (like his Grandma's real first name!).

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Aaron and crystal said...

I totally understand the schedule mix-up when family is in town... but its worth isn't it. I really enjoyed meeting Chris' parents.