Friday, October 3, 2008

The Tooth Doctor Is Fun!

Two weeks ago, Cadence went to the "tooth doctor" or the dentist. We explained to her what was going to happen before she went so she wouldn't be scared. After much deliberation, we chose a pediatric dentist, Dr. Stanton Allen, at ABC Dentistry. I think it was a good choice so far.
At first, the hygenist showed Cadence all the equipment she was going to use and what the tools did. She even let Cadence spray some water and vacuum it up.
Then Cadence got to choose a movie to watch from the TV in the ceiling. She picked Monster Inc. She liked the headphones she got to wear while the hygenist cleaned her teeth.

Following her flossing, Cadence was lead to the sink to put the floride in her mouth. She had to bite on this foam insert that the hygenist told her would make bubbles. Cadence gagged and disliked it. She kept telling people, with a sad face, "Me no like bubbles."

After she got her teeth cleaned, they took x-rays. The technician told her to smile at the camera. She did exactly as she was told and it only took one time to get the x-ray taken.

The dentist then counted her teeth, examined them and said they looked great. He also told Cadence (at my urging) that she needs to let mom and dad assist her with brushing a couple of times a week. She likes to be totally independent and misses many areas in her mouth.She got to choose a princess sticker, a new toothbrush and paste and a little toy. Cadence was a rock star at the dentist. She was so brave and cute. I think she liked the dentist - except the bubbles. I was very proud of her!!!


Annie said...

This is so cute! I'm embarrassed to admit that Avie has never been to a dentist! I need to find a good pediatric dentist for her. Cute pictures.

Tina said...

Adorable! Glad to hear she did so well.