Saturday, October 4, 2008

Streams and Creams

While Grandma and Grandpa were here we had to do some of Cadence's favorite things AND we wanted to spend time in the mountains because there are NONE in Louisiana. Barbara and Melvin think the mountains are beautiful, "But not enough to move here," is what they say. So naturally, we headed to First Dam to feed the geese and ducks. Notice Cadence is much wiser these days and won't even sit down. She wants a fast get away and to be able to hide behind Dad when the geese come.

We also love to look into the water to see fish. There were quite a few fish at the bridge where the stream comes into the First Dam.

We decided to go farther up the canyon to Second Dam. The leaves were just beginning to change color and we wanted to see more fish and more of the mountains.
There were A LOT of fish at Second Dam as we walked along the boardwalk. (Can you call it that?) Because the water is lower, the fish are easier to see. Cadence liked to talk to the people fishing and was excited to see all the fish. Next year, we will have to get fishing licenses and take her and Cooper fishing!!!

I thought getting a family picture would be a good idea! Hey, we had other people to take the photos besides me:) We stood in the cold mountain water and I remembered how silly I used to be. When I was in college, I'd jump into First Dam from the bridge at night time in May and June. What was I thinking? The water was so cold that as my body entered the water, I almost froze. I felt paralyzed. Those young, crazy days are over. I will never do that again!!!!

After spending time in the mountains, we indulged! Barbara and Melvin love ice cream, as do I. The day before, we got Aggie Ice Cream. I asked them if they had Cold Stone in Louisiana. They hadn't heard of it. So we decided to go load up on some tasty ice cream. Chris, Melvin and Barbara did it wrong. They got banana splits and plain flavors. THEY DIDN'T MIX!!!!! They didn't experience the essence of Cold Stone! I got cake batter ice cream with cookie dough, fudge, whipped cream and one other topping I can't remember. Oh so rich and tasty! As we sat there, I tried to figure a way to get free Cold Stone ice cream at least once a month. My only idea was to buy a franchise.

Anyone want to go in with me?

Cadence fell asleep coming down the canyon. She missed out big time!!!


Veda said...

OK, I am so jealous....cooler weather, first dam, aggie ice cream, and cold stone! Can't wait to get there in December1

Kim said...

I'm a huge cold stone fan! I love cake batter with cookie dough too - that's my fav. They have chocolate cake batter at some locations and that is even better!

Tara Bergsjo said...

How fun! I love cold stone! I think it is my favorite ice cream place ever!!!! We should go sometime with the kids!

Bamamoma said...

Ah man, I love Cold Stone too! We have Maggie Moos (a very poor imitation!). I also miss Aggie Ice Cream and mountains, and cooler weather... and I'm gonna be there for Homecoming in just three weeks... Yippee!

Your family pic is cute, cute. You look so good. It must be running after two kids!

Mindy said...

So many great activities...Do you ever sit still???

Those kids are so lucky to have a Mother so active!

I too love cold stone! Why cant I ever think of a great idea to make me millions?