Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pre-Mature Balding

It is time to announce that Cooper officially has pre-mature balding. It is not the in the usual spot of most men, but of babies - the back of his head. I think it is kind of handsome:) He doesn't like to sit or lay still. Cooper is constantly kicking his plump little legs, waving his arms and turning his head from side to side or looking up to the ceiling and sky. He is just so cute and wiggly!! Because of this, he has formed a symmetrical looking bald spot on his head.

Just as this bald spot is very noticeable, it might be going away soon. Cooper started rolling over a few days ago. Some days, I attempt to give him tummy time and he just rolls over time and time again. It becomes a roll over exercise! He also is very close to sitting by himself.
His personality is coming out! He smiles like crazy - especially for me! He is making more and more cute noises and some of them are very loud and funny! Oh, how I love my little balding man!


Mindi B said...

Ya, my 6 month old is sportin' the same bald spot - pretty sweeeeet. (Although, I'm pretty sure he will have the good fortune of being just like his daddy when he is older - bald is beautiful!!!)

katie gardner said...

What a handsome little boy you have! SO cute!I love it when their personalities come out- fun!

Aaron and crystal said...

Charles got a bald patch that went all the way around his head... It made him look like he was wearing a yamucha(sp) it was sooooo cute . Just like Coopers is.mizin