Thursday, October 16, 2008

Six Weeks of School

Cadence has been going to her little "school" for storytime and an activity for 6 weeks now. She loves it and so do I. We get out of the house, visit with friends and their kids, learn and play. Cooper likes to get out too. After school, we play on the playground. Cadence is so big!!!

This is a picture I assisted her to draw. It is a self-portrait. The lesson taught about "I like myself." (which Cadence went around saying for a few days:)

The letters of the alphabet were the focus this day. The activity was to write your name on a fish and then fish it out of the pond with a magnet. She enjoyed doing this. She also liked the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom video the teacher, Tia, showed in class.

The focus of this activity was on numbers. Cadence was given bears with the number 1-10 written on them and 10 gummy bears. We did one-to-one correspondence activities with the bears. She can count easily to ten, but does not identify all the numbers by sight yet.

This lesson was on fine-motor coordination. Cadence made a pumpkin. Isn't it the most beautiful pumpkin you've ever seen? She is very proud of this pumpkin and carried it around with her for a couple of days. She kept asking if she could make more pumpkins.
This activity was making a collage about yourself. There were many pictures cut out from magazines and all Cadence had to do was pick the pictures she wanted and glue them on her paper. She chose zoo animals, a butterfly, food (apple and chocolate), a train, a princess, and a ball. That tells a lot about what Cadence likes at this point in her life.
The last session of school was about "My favorite things." They were given a blank book in which to write/draw all their favorite things. I decided that Cadence doesn't have favorites. I kept asking what is your, toy, book, animal, clothes, etc. - giving her choices of items she likes and it didn't seem to register or she couldn't decide. She just likes many things.

This has been a great experience for Cadence. She is so mature, smart and cute. She sits quietly during storytime and listens well. School is her friend!!! Whenever I say it is time for school, her reply is "yeaaaah!"


Heather said...

I will always remember the first time I ever heard Chicka Chicka Boom Boom was from you!!! Now Parker absolutely loves that book. I will definitely email you!

katie gardner said...

Cadence is an amazing, beautiful, kind girl- just like her mommy! p.s. CK LOVES LOVES LOVES Chicka Chick Boom Boom. She has the book and the movie and I am sure she wouldn't mind sharing it with Cadence.

Aaron and crystal said...

Your such a good mom! I love how you are with your little ones. I need to be more like you. I think Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is just an all time favorite with any child who has read it!!!

Erin said...

Hi Michelle and Chris! It is so fun to see your cute kids. I love all the school ideas. So fun!