Thursday, October 2, 2008

Families ARE Forever

Two weeks ago, one of my mission companions, Kim Knighton, got married in the Salt Lake Temple. She looked beautiful! I'm happy for her!
I attended while Chris watched the kids outside. The ceremony was very nice and as I sat there, I just keep thinking about my wedding. How grateful I am that Chris and I have an eternal marriage and that our beautiful kids are our forever too! Families ARE forever. It doesn't make sense that these relationships end at death! I love Chris. He is more than I ever dreamed of having. The kids are such an amazing addition to my life. How boring my life would have been if my plans of never getting married would have happened. It is strange to think that five years ago, I was very single. Now, I am married with 2 kids. Time definitely changes things!!!

Cadence, of course, loved the temple and wedding. She talks about getting married and has even had a wedding ceremony for herself. (I need to post it when I figure out how to get the pictures uploaded from a different camera.) She was enthralled with all the beautiful brides in their beautiful white dresses. She enjoyed playing on the temple steps. Hopefully, when she decides to get married, she will choose to be married in the temple. It will be fun to compare the above picture with her in a wedding dress!
Cadence kept trying to open the temple doors and got a little frustrated because "they're locked!"
Watching the water fountain and playing in the reflecting pool was a highlight for Cadence.
The temple grounds have so many places to get amazing pictures. If anyone knows a business that needs cute models, let me know. I would love to have Cadence and Cooper have a college fund with some money in it soon!!!

After the temple, Chris and I splurged! We ate lunch at Rodezio Grill, a Brazilian BBQ. We figured that if I got to relive some of my mission memories, Chris should get that same opportunity! Lunch was delicious! Wow! The meat was out of this world. I ate chicken heart for the first time and it tasted decent.
The best part was, of course, Cadence. Some person at another table had a birthday. So the employees played a drum and sang him a song. Being very excited, Cadence wanted to see and play the drums. Chris took her back to the grill and asked if she could play the drum. Because she is so cute, our waitress got the group of employees together to sing and play the drum for her. They gave her a piece of milk pudding cake (I think). She told everyone it was "my happy birthday song" and I think she believed it was her birthday again. We love Rodezio! Too bad a splurge like this happens once a decade!


Kim said...

I'm so glad you could make it. It was an amazing day and one I will remember forever. I loved every minute of it! Cadence and Cooper are so dang cute - I loved her and how excited she was to be there. Yes, I got your gift in the mail...thanks so much, so generous! We should try to plan a get together in the next couple of months, that would be fun.

Katey said...

What a sweet blog post! Isn't the gospel amazing? And of course Cadence is ADORABLE!!!!!

Tina said...

Fun! Cadence looks so cute! Bridget has been asking lately if she can "go to the temple later and get married" - when I ask her who she is going to marry she says me. I told her she has to marry a boy. Now she wants to marry daddy. She told him the other day when they get married she will wear a dress and he "can wear a tie if he wants" - Kids are so cute!
I told her that we can have her wear a dress and daddy wear a tie and go take some pictures at the temple later, she got pretty excited.