Thursday, October 2, 2008

Garbage In The Road

The other day, we walked out our front door and Cadence said, "Mom, there is garbage in the road." I squinted a little more and walked a little closer to discover what the garbage actually was.

Yep. To my horror, it was a dead duck! I told Cadence that indeed it was just garbage in the road.

Why is a dead, run over duck in front of my house so horrible? Because it demonstrates to me that the people who speed through my neighborhood don't pay attention. This duck does not run fast. It was probably standing there for a minute when somebody ran it over while speeding. That could have been any of the 10 kids who live within 4 houses of mine.

While we teach oue kids to look both ways and stay on the sidewalks, there is always the implusiveness that comes with kids to run after a ball, not be able to stop their bike before the end of the drive way or something else. My plea is to please slow down on my street (and all residential streets) so no kids end up like the duck. Enough said!!!

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Heather said...

That is way sad! I agree about people driving too fast. Our neighborhood has a lot of crazy drivers especially at Christmas time that come from the mall. This story really isn't the same but it kind of reminds me of our pie-blatting days!!!! I miss you!!!