Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Frolicking in the Leaves

With Fall upon us, the leaves are falling from the trees. We have taken advantage of this yearly phenomenon to frolic in the leaves. The trees in our yard have small leaves, but they still make for fun piles to jump in, throw in the sky and in which to be buried.

Cadence running and diving into a pile of leaves!

The three of us laying in the leaves while watching more leaves fall from the trees!

Cute Cadence covered by the leaves! I love pictures of the kids in leaves!!!

Cooper did a really great job of keeping his head out of the dry, scratchy leaves.

He wouldn't move his head when I put leaves around it. I don't think he likes the sound or the little pokes from leaves.

My favorite picture of Cooper in the leaves!!!

After play group, Cadence and I ran in circles throwing leaves in the air. She loved it. Then she wanted to lay in the leaves, but not ON the leaves. She got Cooper's blanket, spread it out and then laid down. Cooper LOVES watching the trees moves!!!
Cadence taking a rest from running around in the leaves at the Pumpkin Walk!


Mary Lampros said...

GREAT pics, especially the one from above.

Jacqui said...

My favorite time of year, and I too love the pics of little kids in the leaves. I have some awesome pictures from the last two years, but we didn't make it this year. I think we'll try for some winter scenes. It's upon us sooner than we think. You guys are so creative.

Ky and Brod said...

I love those pictures of your kids in the leaves. Leaves always make a fun picture. I loved the Noah's Ark at the pumpkin walk too, it was my favorite!

Bradshaw Adventures said...

You are the blogging queen. Look at you go!! I love all your pictures-your children are so beautiful! You are so good at this mom thing with all crafting and activities-I need to be taking notes. Love you all to pieces!!!