Saturday, October 4, 2008

Grandpa's Birthday

While Grandpa was here, he had a birthday. I think he turned 65. We started the day by having birthday pancakes!!! I tried to make a pancake look like a cake with candles, but it looked more like a bunny or a tooth. It is the thought that counts, right? Cadence thinks that candles are so cool and loves to sing "Happy Birthday."After a big breakfast, Grandpa took Cadence to Lowe's to help her build her project. The project this week was a firetruck with wheels and a ladder that moved.

Since Melvin is a handy, fix-it man, he enjoyed helping his granddaughter to build this. Cadence was especially proud of her creation! She likes that it rolls.
After Lowe's, we went to a garage sale at Fredricksons and got comforters for the two twin beds upstairs. They both have yellow in so I think I will add some color to the rooms those beds are in by painting one wall yellow. We have leftover yellow paint from the office. I just get to find time to do that!
Barbara and I spent the day cooking. She made her delicious pecan pie!!! (And I mean DELICIOUS!) And I made Earth Bread for Cooper's blessing the following day. Melvin took a nap while we cooked.
Chris, Cooper and I went to Catholic Mass with Melvin and Barbara while my mom watched Cadence. I went to Mass with them two years ago. I enjoy seeing and experiencing how other people worship. I would enjoy going to a baptist service and any other, but don't want to go without knowing someone there.
After Mass, all of us met at Golden Corral to gorge. I ate a lot of shrimp, steak and ice cream!!! Grandpa got "Happy Birthday" sang to by the employees. Cadence loved it! I love eating out - because I don't have to fix the food!!!
Happy Birthday Grandpa!

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Tina said...

That firetruck looks super cute! We need to take Bridget to one of those events. Do they give the kids an apron every time they come??