Sunday, October 19, 2008

Like Father, Like Daughter

Cadence loves me. She copies me, talks to me, hugs and kisses me, but when Dad gets home, she is so excited to be with him. She gets a break from me and Dad does so many fun and interesting things that Cadence wants to experience. The other day, Chris came home from work and got on the roof to do some painting. Cadence sat on a chair watching and talking to him. Somehow, she convinced him to let her get up on the roof.

She climbed the ladder to this part of the roof with little pitch. I thought that would be enough for her.
But, NO! She wanted to go to the steeper part and go higher where Dad had been working.
I came outside a few minutes later to ask Chris a question and this is what I saw.Yep, they had climbed over the top and to the front of the house. When Cadence called my name, they blew me a kiss! How sweet! When they decided to climb down from the roof, Cadence told me, "I wasn't scared. I was brave. I be careful."

The day following the roof, Chris was doing some stretching. Cadence wanted to be like Dad and joined him. She attempted to copy everything he did and she was pretty good at it.When Dad was finished with his stretches, Cadence made up her own stretch for Dad to do.She put her feet on the couch and her body was stiffened straight to the floor. Dad copied her! Aren't kids crazy wonderful? (That is one of Cadence's phrases.)

Cadence loves her dad and wants to be just like him!!!


Tina said...

That's cute. Its great that she loves spending time with her dad. Dad's are great! Bridget's been on the roof a time or two as well... she gets tied on, whenever she's up there though. LOL!

Mindi B said...

Michelle, Michelle!!!! How are you?!!!! Wow! It has been way too many years since I have seen you! You have such a darling family! How long ago did you get married? I would love to hear all about it sometime. Your husband looks like he is just as fun as you are - sweeeeet! I am so glad you posted a comment on my blog so that I could find yours - what a fun world we are living in that we can reconnect with friends through the internet. Yes, you were definitely in that girl's pref picture - wasn't that the night we had the hawaiian dinner at your house and you had that awesome bungee cord thing in your back yard? That was one of the funnest dances ever. Oh, man, I miss you! I would love to hear how you have been sometime!!!

And, btw, aren't children supposed to be on the tops of roofs - or just anywhere dad goes? So cute!

Aaron and crystal said...

That is crazy... I am afraid of being on roofs. Now i have been outwitted by such a cutie :) I think that I need to become a child again. I don't remember being afraid back then