Monday, October 27, 2008

USU Homecoming

There are definite advantages and aspects we love about living in a "college town." The conveniences of a large town with the fun of a university!!! Due to the university, we get to participate in many activities close to our home. Utah State celebrated Homecoming this last week. We tried to involve the kids in as many activities as appropriate for them.

On Monday, we picked up Dancin' Debbie (Impact friend) at USU and took her to the county building for $1 desserts, dancing and the ribbon cutting ceremony for Homecoming!
Cadence LOVED Big Blue. In her own words, "I wasn't even afraid of Blue Big." She thought he was so cool and was very interested in the ring through his nose!

She also loved the cheerleaders. We met Natalie Nesbit there for treats/cheesecake. Perhaps Cadence's favorite part of the evening was DANCING! She's got so much rhythm and can dance FOREVER! She never gets tired! Cooper gets to dance with me!

She loved being with Big Blue, the band, and the cheerleaders so much, I took the kids to the pep rally.

However, they started earlier than what was advertised and we missed all three:( We still participated in some activities like the rubber ducky race down the fountain and painting pumpkins.

After the fun, we ate pizza in Dad's office!

On Saturday, we attended the homecoming parade. Once again, Cadence LOVED Big Blue, the cheerleaders and band.
She gathered a TON of candy and danced constantly to all the music from the floats and trucks.
It was a very fun parade and the weather was amazing!

Cooper even enjoyed the parade! Chris is such a good sport. He goes along with most of my crazy ideas and acts like he is always having fun (even when I am making a fool of myself). I'm grateful for a husband that knows the importance of doing activities together as a family. We love being a family!


Katey said...

Oh that looks so fun. Makes me miss Logan so very much!

Bamamoma said...

What? YOu forgot to mention the highlight of the week! Seeing your Best-Blogging-Friend in the TSC!!!

It really was fun to see you and the kids.

Tina said...

Wow... looks like there were lots of fun things to do. Glad you had a good time.

Tina said...

And thanks again for all of your costume help yesterday!!