Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Walk By Day AND Night

We visited the North Logan Pumpkin Walk twice. Once in the daytime with the Ryan clan and the other at nighttime with Dad. I wanted Cadence to see lots of lit up jack-o-laterns. She was scared of them.

The Johnnies with Zander and Parx in front of the Noah's Ark scene. The animals made out of pumpkins were amazingly fun and creative.

The kids with the witch. Cadence would say, "She's not scary. She's silly." She also told the witch that "I'm too cute to scare." Just like her shirt says!!!A fishing scene with a dad taking his son fishing! My kids are so cute in their Halloween shirts.
When we went back at night, I wanted the kids to be warm. Cooper has an Elmo warm onesie so I let Cadence dress up in a warm Elmo costume. THEY WERE THE CUTEST ELMO TWINS! (Thanks Camille for letting us borrow Cadence's costume.)

Dad and the kids in front of an olympic swimming scene!
The family in front of the corn stalks!

We love the Pumpkin Walk!


Aaron and crystal said...

We went the other night and I can't wait to go back during the day. I just like it better in the day . I know I am a weirdo... :O)

Katey said...

I'm too cute to scare...how cute is that! Little kids say the greatest things :)

Heather said...

We were actually just talking about how we miss going to the pumpkin walk. I haven't heard of any pumpkin walks around here. I just love how cute and creative they are. I also love the Elmo twins!!!

Mary Lampros said...

Love the Elmo costumes! Jacob would die for those!

Camille said...

Just too cute!!! I love those costumes!!!