Saturday, October 4, 2008

Painting pumpkins

Last week, Cadence was invited to a Halloween party at her friend, Ryan's, house. Many kids from the neighborhood and church were invited. I'm glad they had this party because I pulled out the cute Halloween outfits for the kids. At the party, each kid got a big pumpkin to paint. Cadence chose one that still had green on it because green and blue are her favorite colors.I assisted Cadence in painting a face on her pumpkin. She added the hair (little dots at the top.) Cooper gave us great encouragement and support!
She loved the treats that were served. There was yummy punch and spooky cookies, but Cadence's favorite was a ghost sucker. Enthralled with it, she carried it around with her for a while before she ate it.

We brought the pumpkin home and Cadence was so proud it. It is sitting on our front porch for everyone to see. If anyone comes to our door, she shows them her pumpkin. She event marched to the neighbors to tell them about it!!! Loving her pumpkin so much, she has asked to paint pumpkins almost everyday since the party! Halloween is so fun and spooky!!! (A new word to Cadence's vocabulary - to replace the fear in "scary.")


Heather said...

I love Halloween! Parker is at that stage that he is starting to get scared of things. He keeps telling me there is monsters in his room at night before he goes to bed. Where do kids get their imaginations! I want to meet Cadence and Cooper so bad. They are just the cutest kids ever. Do you have any plans next week possibly Saturday? We might take a drive up to Logan!

danni said...

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Veda said...

Love the pumkin! Cadence is quite the little artist.

Aaron and crystal said...

That was such a fun way to celebrate Halloween. Kyah was so sad because all of her paint washed off with the rain storm that came the next day. She is content to just carve it now... I love this time of year!

Mindy said...

What a fun neighborhood you live in!!

Cadence should be proud of her pumpkin...she did a great job!!

Bamamoma said...

Wow your friend who threw the party is brave to have a bunch of little kids plus paint in her house! What a fun idea though.

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